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Lawyer Trust Account Handbook
conforms to new Court Rules effective July 1, 2013 


Opening or changing an IOLTA Account? Take this form with you when you go:

Notice to Financial Institution and W-9

News of Interest

?New rules for trust account record keeping effective July 1, 2013.  Review Supreme Court Rules 4-1.145 to 4-1.22 for full information. 

?Missouri Supreme Court to require overdraft notification on all attorney trust accounts as of January 1, 2010.  To learn more, click here



Who Benefits from IOLTA Grant Funds?

During 2012, a total of $1 million in grant funds were awarded to seven non-profit organizations to provide civil legal services to the poor and to improve the administration of justice.  For 2013, $900,000 will be disbursed to nine grant recipients for similar purposes.

Visit the "Grants" page to learn more about the recipients, including stories of actual cases handled by grant recipients illustrating how IOLTA funds are helping those in need.